1.  What is the difference between «Custom Travel” and “Pre-designed Day Trips”?

Both experiences are personalized and private.  In both cases, we take care of every single aspect of your journey.

Custom Travel is the service we offer by which you will get a start to finish experience during your trip.  It is not an isolated service, but a complete package. You leave the planning of your itinerary to us.  We have a creative, energetic, passionate and highly reliable team to satisfy your expectations. These trips include traveling all through Argentina and even some stops in Uruguay.  They are organized much in advance, totally personalized; we only do a couple a year.  We charge US$50 for each day of the itinerary, reserved by direct deposit when we begin itinerary planning, and the money will be reimbursed when you purchase the trip, including all of the services.  This is to prevent potential guests from making an itinerary with us, using our time and ideas, and then deciding not to hire us once they have our customized itinerary. The itinerary will include a detailed description of each day’s activities, flight schedules and photographs of the different places you will visit.  Your trip starts the moment you arrive to Argentina. We will pick you up at the airport and from there on, you will leave it all up to us.

Day Trips are all in and around Buenos Aires.  These popular Day Trips are chosen by most of our guests.  We do not charge a fee for the itinerary planning, but charge a fee per hour, according to how big the party is.  The trip starts when we pick you up at the hotel and ends when we drop you off at the end of the day. Day trips last approximately 8 hours, but can be accommodated to your needs.